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User ID: #74098
Username: SHKey
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 6 Mar 2019, 1:28 am
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 8:04 pm

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    • Thanks so much for offering about the ring, by the way. I appreciate the attempt, although I don't need a bronze ring! Have this as thanks for offering, haha.

    • Same. They appear more in Wandering Monsters IV than III, if that helps!

    • Same, good luck. Mimics kill me about 90% of the time... It never gets easier. You just have to hope that one with 200 hp appears and has low defensive stats AND doesn't one-hit destroy you :c

    • Oh! No, please don't! The rings I mean are the Gem-Socket Rings, the metal-only ones aren't that helpful, unfortunately. Trinkets are also objects that only drop from mimics-- the Recycle shop sells Amulets, not Trinkets!

    • Same here, pretty much. There's only so much I can do without a Trinket, Wand, or a Ring (I really, really need a Ring), but I'm doing my best.

    • It's starting to rise again! \o\

    • Actually, it was because I lost to Valiant a few times in trying out a new build cause Reeva has a Lightning Strike that causes 2000 damage haha, but I don't think I can forgo heavy armor if only to avoid the Critical Scythes. That must really have killed my ELO, haha, since it only shows the highest ELO you have.

    • It's ELO-based, the ranking is calculated on the difference between you and your opponent. You still gain for winning against lower ranks, but a higher-ranked would give you more.

    • /nods I just wish my ELO would move... it's been a little stuck now.

    • I saw Naarami, so perhaps it's not just me, but maybe I should wait for later, huh.

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