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User ID: #74568
Username: InfamousSpark
Gender: Bigender
Registered: 10 Dec 2016, 4:10 am

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[ Spark | 29 | Bigender | She/Her | Pan | INFP ]

Hi I'm InfamousSpark, or Spark for short :3
I'm a digital artist and also a lil game addict XD
My soulmate <3
~Commission Info~
>Art Fight<

General CSS by me, villager CSS snippet by msjanny

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    • Aweeee thank you so much!!
      Have a lovely holiday <3

    • Thank you for the annifursary box! <3

    • Where did you get your Vista?!?!?! XD

    • Slides in hey I heard from your post you need positive karma, I'm at 46 pumpkins if you want to give some lanterns c:> I could do it myself but it seems kinda wasteful since as you said, it's hard to find people without 50 pumpkins.

    • Your profile is so cool :D

    • Thanks for the jack-o-lantern!

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