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User ID: #78727
Username: Seraphima
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 11:50 pm
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" I spilled all my emotions tonight I'm sorry"
- Drake





Im here to enjoy the game, it is fun and has wonderful graphics :) I dont send friend requests anymore, and Im not as active on the forums. If you'd like to be friends send me a request first, or PM me to talk. Thanks! <3

I am an anon fairy, but you shall never know which one ;D

Member of Acclivius 's Guild of Kindness! Proud to do good deeds for the users of Furvilla <3

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    • I wish you a SPookY holiday!

    • Sorry, but I just gotta say I love the CSS of your account with all the stars and colours! Have a nice day/night!

    • Thank you! c:

    • FV is derping a lit xD

    • Umm, are you okay? ;-; I came back to see your comments on everything were 'hidden'. I'm sorry if I did anything wrong...

    • D'awww I'm glad! But PHOOEY on the drama!! So unnecessary, man. ;_;

    • O.o what happened? I tried to respond and it said I couldn't? Then I see it was locked. o.o?

    • Nice - that's all it takes is practice!! :D Keep it up! <3

    • Hi Hi!

    • Sweet! A 2 week break sounds so nice. <3 I'm glad to hear you're keeping up with your art too!!

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