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Username: Domayne
Gender: Female
Registered: 18 Jan 2017, 5:07 am

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    • Omg it's been 8 months and I was finally able to accept the transfer lol

    • Thank you kindly for the gift! Website won't let me accept it though :<

    • unfortunatly, the website refuse to accept the breeding potion you sent to me :/

    • Thanks you!

    • Thank you so much :ะท

    • Thank you <3 I hope you also have a great day

    • thank you so much for the present!! but for some reason it says i cant accept the transfer :( but i hope you have a really good day too <3

    • Can't accept but I hope you're having a wonderful day yourself!!

    • Thank you so much~ Hope you have a nice day as well ;3

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