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User ID: #89007
Username: Tehutiy
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 6 Mar 2021, 10:13 am
Registered: 2 Mar 2017, 2:53 am
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Deviantart | [url=]Lux~Mea[/url] | [url=]Flight Rising[/url]

My Shops
Paintie Parlor, Customs, Bases and Premaids
Paracosm Petshop Original Species and Adopts
Plant, Seed and Potion trades & sales




- Painties and/or costumes for all villagers
- Diver Costume (Dragon)
- 3x Reaper Costume (Dragon, Horse, Fox)
- 4x Spooky Costume (Mitsu, Dragon, Cat, Fox)
- 2x Sorcerer Costume (Dragon, Horse)
- 4x Aquatic Costume (Dragon, Cat, Horse, Canine)
- 2x Steampunk Costume (Cat, Rabbit)
- 4x Pirate Costume (Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Fox)
- 4x Beast Costume (Dragon, Cat, Rabbit, Fox)
- 3xMythic Costume (Anu, Horse, Canine)
- 2x Fairy Costume (Rabbit, Dragon)

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- Css Coding&Animation *Animation props
- Pet packs and sales
- Paintie Base Repository
- Adopt-irectory

Villagers 15

Comments 3

    • Oh! I already bought a plaftei from you a long time ago, the comment was before that!

    • AHHH! Thank you!!!! :3

    • May I have a ping for when the shop is open? I'd like to ask how much a Plaftei would be!

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