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User ID: #89072
Username: mimi9911a
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Sep 2020, 3:55 pm
Registered: 3 Mar 2017, 12:00 am
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    • Ah, the swinging when you first open the profile page ^D^

    • Could you teach me how to do the swinging in of the profile/something similar to it? I want to spice up my profile but I have NO IDEA how to CSS code...:P

    • hi! thanks for the friend request!

    • Hmm, I am trying to work out my profile, but I'm not very good with CSS coding :(
      But I'll find out how to create a great one eventually! It could never be able to stand against yours, though, hehe~

    • Ahh, yes, the beta testing. That was... Herm... Interesting.
      But! We've made it to greatness because of that stage ^D^
      I'm a huge fan of this site, and I do play everyday, so if you ever have any questions ask away~
      I noticed you only signed up yesterday, and you already have such beautiful profile CSS that I really can't believe it! (Also, Mallia is an adorable moth and I want to hug her and tell her that being strong and sassy is a very good trait)

    • Oh! Hehe~
      I really do try to post a bit in the forums, glad some people read those posts ^.^

    • Heyo!
      Noticed you sent me a friend request, would you mind me asking who or why?
      I'll accept it either way, I'm just curious hehe~ ^.^

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