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User ID: #89879
Username: FunnyFoxFur
Gender: Male
Last Online: 14 May 2020, 5:11 am
Registered: 15 Mar 2017, 9:50 pm

Profile description

I'm a 16 turning 17 year old if that makes sense lol
I don't like the furry community much so why am I here??
I've been inactive alot here and only came online like twice last year.
Please don't mind this account

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    • Hallo! n_n

    • How you owo?

    • Ahh, in that case you must file a report (bottom of the page) or pm Admin-Mat to get it back!

    • Aww man. Are you gonna edit it or make a new one entirely? If only the paintie check thread was still open for you to be sure it would pass before you submit.

    • LMAO
      or lonk

    • Yeah, but 'inspired by' painties are usually fine as long as they aren't too close, maybe calling them Link might make it harder to be accepted but hopefully they make it through! ;w;

    • Your paintie is wonderful btw!! The Keaton mask is my favourite ♡

    • Omg it's so cute!! QwQ thanks so much! <333

    • Thankyou, I'll accept after I receive a wip. n_n

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