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User ID: #9034
Username: Clover
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 7 Jan 2021, 9:41 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:36 pm

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About me
I no longer use Furvilla, but I still love my villagers very much <3

Villagers 25

Comments 44

    • Thank you for your patronage, it was greatly appreciated! Regularly check my stall for similar cheap prices! Hope you have a great day! :D

      P.S.: Would you like to join a Discord server just for Furvilla? Message me if you do! The more the merrier, so anyone's welcome!

    • oh cool!!! so that's what it does! =^-^=
      I guess i have the power of cats! RAWR! =^-^=

    • oooo, i saw you bought my cat morphing potions, i have no idea what they do. i'm being a chicken about finding out. if you use it tell me what it did please? thanks! =^-^=

    • Sorry I got the Recipe from someone else. Thanks for helping though.

    • Is that ok if you give me the potion/container and I make the Dutch AD potion? I will give you 5k FC ?

    • I just now need 10k in FC, Damn.

    • IT U !!! i love you<3 buzzes about

    • So once I get all the items and gold for it, you will give me the potion?

    • Oh ok, so pretty much the same price for the recipe 5,000 FC and the items then 10,000 FC to finish it. Damn they make it so difficult to get everything especially the gold.

    • How much is the recipe for Dutch AD?

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