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User ID: #933
Username: TokiToki
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:03 pm

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    • Toki come back, you can blame it all on jennawing
      Honestly though I miss chatting with you ;A; Tokiiiii </3


    • wowza good on you, congrats! no problem c:

    • I'mma send you a PM soon. ;w; I miss you and Discord. I was gone for RL reasons I'll explain tomorrow!!

    • thank you for your purchase~!

    • omg we're doing the same thing - leaving QP to tour all of the villages. Good luck c:

    • Thanks for buying! :3

    • I created Pix in the early days of the site and I'm super happy to see he's got such a loving home and wonderful paintie !

    • <3 Thank you. I've been checking the stalls every day, my partner is in quetzel looking for them, and not been able to get my mits on one! XD

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