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User ID: #95382
Username: TrebleDoggo
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 7 Jun 2017, 11:34 am

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~ Welcome to my profile!!! U・ᴥ・U ~




Crackerjack (C-Jack)-


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    • Thanks for the giving tree items! Cheers, mate!

    • is there anything i can trd for one of the stickers in your stall? i have a few nice items or could do you some HQ art

    • ^-^. booop! I didn't want to buy anyone, but wanted to say hi to you! I missed seeing you around c= I now have the 'Mellow Yellow" song stuck in my head .-.

    • Apologies for commenting here yet again, the art's unexpectedly being delayed, as I lost my tablet for a week... >.<" I apologize sincerely and hope you understand...

    • TYSM and sorry for the trouble!! ^^"

    • Apologies for declining the transfer!! >< for some reason the site won't let me accept it? (I have proof, :( I'm not really sure if it's a bug, oof)

    • Thanks for the Giving Tree stuff!! ^^

    • No, keep em, it’s alright

    • Lol I meant to put FD but enjoy the glasses :3

    • No problem! Never hurts to start early ^^

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