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User ID: #9822
Username: Rose
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:06 pm

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Please do not use, copy, or claim any part of my profile without my explicit permission, whether it be art, character, or coding.

Activity: Semi-Active (Very Busy)

Other Forms of Contact
Aywas: Chi (#514)
Flight Rising: Rosie (#11905)

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User Profile Commissions: Closed
I will not teach you how to write CSS.
I will not be opening commission slots any time soon, but I'll leave this here in case I happen to feel like writing CSS on FV again. For now, I'd suggest looking elsewhere.

Villagers 28

Comments 26

    • Your Villagers and their themed painties are so stunning!

    • Thank you so much for the trade~ c:

    • Thank you so much for trading with me! I can buy a chibi sticker now hehe <3

    • Thank you very much!!

    • thank you for trading with me! also, i LOVE your profile, its soo pretty! :3

    • Sure thing :) just felt like passing on some joy since I"m no longer active on the site and don't need them myself :)

    • It's one of those.... " I stockpile loads and I don't know why" sort of things. You're welcome though if any of it was of use to you.

    • :0 Your userpage is gorgeous

    • You're welcome ^^

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