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Username: Ace
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Oct 2021, 7:58 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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    • Hey friend, yesterday I bred a spotted orca and a purple dumbo octopus I don't need lol, would you like them?

    • luckily they come around for the tigereye peak festival so hopefully you can snag enough to add to your trophies ;w;

    • haha, spend a lot of bell fairies tbh
      you need to convert a legacy weapon that has durability that is 1000 times higher than it's base durability. Which means using 73 bell fairies on a legacy item..... really tedious.... but really silly trophy results

    • My toyhouse is Zulea! :-)

    • By the way were you still interested? I can trade if so!

    • Mhm! And if you want any transparent versions just let me know and I'll hunt the files down!

    • Ah sorry! Life's been somethin lately,, the images don't actually have a transparent version if that's what you want ;v;! I'll have to find the files on my back up hard drive since I had to switch comps abt four times within two months so the best I can do is send the basic images via pm ;o;

    • I do actually, otherwise I'd take them right from your stall

    • I'm sorry, I'm more in need of FD than FC right now, that's why I'm selling them for 50FD instead of the 100FD they were originally going for. If you can't afford that, I know they'll be in the recycle shop later on this month! There was a change log update a little while ago about it.

    • Thanks ;w; It turns out you already have all the plushies I have extra of though lol

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