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Villager: Cake

Villager Info

ID: #161565

Name: Cake

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 8 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Donburi

Species: Lizard

Color: Red Ackie


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/250)

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Comments 2

    • ^-^ Yes she has internal organs, but they are made of the same substance as her. So when she is in the mood to be more goo like her organs and inner workings can become less solid, though do not move from where they are naturally. They are transparent so that when she is in the mood to be more bubble, it is hard for people to see them. It is also why she tends to wear clothing with long sleeves. Cause in the past people haven't been respective to seeing her insides, let alone her scars. In order to have her surgery she had to be solid, and anything that happens in her solid form can become permanent. Which is even how she has scar. When she is completely solid her organs are similar to most creatures. Losing their transparent quality.

      She does have magic, but it is for other's benefit. It helps her to feel when someone is upset around her so she can try to make them feel better. That and it sparkles which is a big hit with young children who like fireworks, but are afraid of the sound or it burning them. The sparkles she creates are actually warm to the touch. She even allows the kids to touch her horn when it is sparking to show it is safe, of course after they promise never to try that with actually fireworks or anything that might hurt them. If she has other magic she doesn't know yet. Since she hasn't tried. Every time something new happens it is in relation to her helping someone.

      No worries ^-^ It is fun telling people more about her.

      Little extra factoid. She has bones that function similar to her organs, and she actually broke her tailbone when she was younger. Causing it to stick out more then it should.

    • thank you!! she's based off of the feelings i get when i have IBS attacks (IBS being a chronic, incurable condition that affects the gastrointestinal tract) so that's why her intestines are hanging out...there's no cure :( it's more meant to be a representation of the condition, obviously if she were a real nurse her insides would be inside aha

      ty for the kind comment! :D

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