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Username: Lionquinn
Gender: Bigender
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:06 pm

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hello! you can call me kumiko! my aesthetics are pastels, candy gore, glitter, and space. my hobbies include video games, anime, and creative writing. i'm mentally ill (you don't need the whole list) and have a very limited amount of patience, so i apologize in advance if i say something rude, i probably didn't mean it.

unless you were being rude first. in which case i probably did mean it.

if i refer to you as "friend", i am not doing it in a condescending manner! i really am addressing you as a friend! same with smiley faces, unless my post is clearly sarcastic then i'm not being passive-aggressive i just really like smiley faces!


i also have a chronic disorder called IBS that leaves me in near-constant pain, discomfort, and/or nausea. so that won't help very much either.


i am a bisexual femme, she/her/hers or they/them/theirs. feel free to PM me about lgbt stuff!


please don't find me on other websites and ask me why i blocked you. obviously i had a reason for doing it, so if i have blocked you then please leave me alone. thanks!


if i send you a friend request it's because you are shaped like a friend and i'm saying, "hey, i think you're cool!" you don't have to accept but it would be nice. i have social anxiety so i understand if a random friend request doesn't sit well with you!


also, i am catkin! if you're otherkin or otherhearted in some way then i'd love to chat for a bit about kintypes!


my dream animals:
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have a great day!

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    • Sorry for late reply I don't log on often anymore. You're free to resell though.

    • I can see it! I added some FurCash to the trade as a 'thank you' of sorts.

    • You can absolutely resell them! If you could let me know who the new owner becomes that would be awesome.

    • I am in love with every one of your villagers with painties >//.//< *throws glitter in air and runs away*

    • oooo happy early birthday!!! im wonderin how im gonna balance work and school when i start having assignments due lmao so im enjoying the time i have now :"D i hope u have an excellent bday!!

    • Well I do very much appreciate your compliments, my dear. I should probably inform you that my medicine bag is made of gator though. Don't wantcha getting confused. *wink*

    • I won't spoil it for you, I'd rather let you find out yourself! ^^ And who's play through are you watching? Pewdiepie's or Jacksepticeye's?

    • Thank you! The Last Guardian was such a good game, the ending made me sad. ;_;

    • this may be random but i hope you're having a wonderful day 0/

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