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Username: The_Basitin_Engineer
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Last Online: 27 Dec 2021, 5:04 am
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Hey there! There's not much about myself I can tell you other than this: I'm a gamer and an adventure bike rider. I live in Namibia. If you ever wanna play games together, let me know! I am a huge metal fan, I mostly listen to thrash, power, symphonic, heavy, melodic death and industrial metal.

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    • You're very welcome! ^w^

    • We have a League of Legends fan over here

    • Janna, Lulu, Annie, Vlad, and Jhin <3

    • Nice to see ya too! Who's your fave champ? ♥

    • Thank you!

    • ah, i'm watching game grumps ^.^ it's adorable seeing the grumps get so attached to this giant dog-cat-chicken-dragon bro

    • i don't have the game so i'm watching a let's play of it and they haven't gotten to the ending yet but everyone in the comments section of every video is like "they're gonna be heartbroken at the end!!" im like excuse u nothing bad will EVER happen to trico it is NOT ALLOWED

      (of course something bad happens to trico...he's basically a huge dog and the dog always dies at the end)

    • i love the gif in your signature, trico is so cute <3

    • If you check the dragon's profile you'll see why I named them that!!

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