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Villager: Venn Margaid



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ID: #225321

Name: Venn Margaid

Gender: Agender

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 11 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Casper_Ringtail

Species: Cat

Color: Witch


House: Olde Foxbury House (58/65)

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Approved: 12 Jun 2018, 11:28 am

Likes: 12 ♥

Tags: cat purple green agender witch pride ace asexual aromatic aro agenderflux

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Venn Margaid is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Venn Margaid looks stunning!

Venn Margaid's very special treasure!


ASDFGHJKL--I JUST NOTICED I FORGOT TO ADD A SHINE TO HER EYES!! This is going to bother me until the end of time...

Paintie made by ME :D

Why "Venn Margaid"?
Because I saw a username by the name Venn Diagram and I really liked it. Margaid is just Diagram backwards because it sounds/looks better.

Frankly, when you see what a venn diagram is it actually makes sense. Her colour combination is that of the pride flags of Asexual, Aromantic, and Agenderflux - all of which I identify as.
It started out with an Ace palette but I struggled with what to make her fur. After choosing the Aro colours I decided to go full-on and gave her Agenderflux eyes!

I had a lot of fun colouring her :3

3445-asexual-pride-button.png 3448-aromantic-pride-button.png

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