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Villager: Dream


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ID: #249345

Name: Dream

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Dizzie-Dreamer

Feast Points: 0 (48 All-Time)

Species: Cat

Color: Calico


House: Oceandome House (134/134)

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Approved: 28 Jul 2017, 4:29 pm

Likes: 27 ♥

Tags: spirit ghost cat dream soul

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I remember the times when i lived with my owners, they were kind and very wiling to help me. But now, after so long It seems just a Dream

One for the money
two for the show
three to get ready
four to go

Five for the love
six to be happy with song
seven to play rough
eight to just get along
and nine for just one last chance

but the tenth life,
Now that's where life takes a different tone
That's where things start to unravel at the seems
For I take shape in dreams alone

And there for my life truly did start,
For I was able to keep my heart.
I'm not the one to start the conversation's
but for a friend I'd fight a whole nation.

I love to live, and I love to breath,
Life into you're wildest dreams.
I love to turn the nightmare's all around,
In me a friend you have truly found.

(all responses to comments will be in character)

Dream doesn't really talk
theme song

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    • askbfadbg big mood,

      also can I just say that this profile is heckign rad?? because its really cool man!!

    • I know LOL I think that was a glitch on Furvilla's part but it was really funny.

    • Thanks for being interested~! I use Tiger's Terrifying Hood/Malachite Ring/Quake Amulet. Basically the hood scares the foe, the ring increases power (and damage taken) while the quake amulet is powered up by the ring (x2) but gains an extra power up by the hood since it says in its description that if the foe is scared, then it'll do more damage. So my build is just offensive. I ended up misclicking while we were battling though, but it still worked out. I just didn't show you the full power of a quake with x4 power.

    • Rowan's Dark Scythe. From one of the recent warrior events.

    • You should use the blur tool on your shading it would look much nicer other than that it looks great

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