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Villager: Faifen



Villager Info

ID: #250061

Name: Faifen

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 11 months ago

Career: Crafter

Owner: faifenaco

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Blue Roan


House: FurCoin House

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You awaken to a soft breeze grazing you skin lightly. The blue sky above you is free of clouds, and a flowery scent fills the air. You don't remember falling asleep, but you are sure you don't recognize the surrounding landscape. Upon further inspection, you take notice of a cherry blossom tree a hundred meters ahead of you. You get up from the ground and approach the tree slowly, your bare paws trailing over soft grass. You reach out to the dark bark of the tree, tracing the rough surface up to what appeared to be a glowing pink crystal. You hesitate before placing your hand over it. It is warm to the touch, and the sensation spreads through your body. You feel entranced, and suddenly unaware of your surroundings. In that moment, a flash of light consumes your vision and you go numb for a few minutes. "What just happened?" you think. Upon looking down, you discover you are no longer the Blue Roan you were only moments before, but a slightly softer, pink-pelted Angel Dragon, your short horns are now velvet-soft expansive antlers, and white speckles of light dance over your fur.


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    • aww thank you ;w; this paintie is adorable too!

    • Amazing and cuteā™”

    • Gosh what a beautiful character! I'm shocked that not as many people have seen this as I thought!

    • How many business would you like... I have *holds up coat sleeve* this many business.

    • Gorgeous! Love the wings and little freckles

    • "Moved? What do you mean? You must have a wild imagination!"

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