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Villager: Wisteria


Villager Info

ID: #250885

Name: Wisteria

Gender: Transgender

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 2 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Silverpelt60

Feast Points: 0 (445 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Species: Jackal

Color: Plush


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Wisteria is infected with Vampirism. Symptoms include craving blood, sensitivity to sunlight, an allergy to garlic, and changing into a bat after especially forceful sneezes. If they start to sparkle, immediately consume a Golden Apple to cure the infection.


His Toyhou.se!

Wisteria was a puppet created by a witch, brought to life to be her little assistant. They were tasked to carry out jobs such as stitching ripped things back together and sewing up new ones. It was through this job that Wisteria found the hobby of making plush dolls, not for voodoo or anything, but just to hold and cuddle with. Wisteria considers himself to be a prodigy in the craft of plush-making, and to him, the possibilities are endless. Will often take commissions if there's enough time. The witch also gave them intestines, so they she would be able to perform experiments on a subject that couldn't feel pain, and could just as easily heal him if something went wrong.

trans male // panromantic/pansexual // he/him and they/them pronouns
Made an appearance on the front page on 1 May 2020, 5:10 pm

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    • Frick frack, I posted the response on clarence's profile. I can't do anything right today.

    • "I think for a while this little project of mine will be the last insect I stuff."
      Clarence "stared" at the paper for a while before nearly tucking it away. His interest still was locked in to the "project" in front of him. He scowled at Wisteria's sneering.
      "I doubt that you quite understand what has made me this way, I would prefer that you would not be so cruel. I have enough cruelty in my life."
      A creature of fabric and flesh, how curious... What would The faculty think? The manokit shook his head. no, best not linger on things one doesn't understand.
      (Yes, the beating would be literal.)

    • "personally, i don't see issues with someone who isn't my owner cutting me but, i have been told i am a doormat..." Clarence trailed off.
      The manokit shifted his weight ever so slightly towards wisteria, he hadn't quite given up the idea yet and based on past behavior he wasn't going to drop the idea anytime soon.
      "see, i have the design all worked out but, so far the actual execution is somewhat difficult." Clarence held the papers out further.
      however, the rough sketch of a moth with a spigot sticking out of its chest was the only one that was visible.
      "moths.. such frail things, it makes it difficult to preserve their beauty."

    • Clarence held the knife close to his chest, pressing the tip into his own chest just enough to cause a small trickle of blood.
      "do you not like it? I like it, it was a gift. a most generous gift from my owner, a colorful blade." Clarence asked before carefully slipping it back into his jacket before retrieving a paper.
      "If you do not like the knife i can show you something else... my designs."
      The manokit ceased shaking while he eagerly tugged at the corners of the paper.

    • His head tilted to the side as he "watched" the jackal cover its guts. In this line of work with his owner fearing guts would be quite silly. But, that hole... it must be filled.
      "I guess its just you... a living plush ITS AMAZING. I just... WANT TO STUFF YOU!!"
      Clarence slowly pulled a knife out of his jacket and paused. He shook rapidly with excitement.
      "But, I still want to talk with you."

    • Me, too :3 ( I mean berries... )

    • "I AM WONDERFUL!... I haven't been this excited in a while... " Clarence shouted before calming back down,
      Clarence "stared" at the ground for a few seconds before "gazing" back at Wisteria
      "okay, I do feel a little faint." Clarence gasped.
      honestly, he did not want Wisteria to leave... not yet anyway.

    • "it seems odd, doesn't it? I have seen it eat things before and sprout a pair of legs. I really don't know much about it other than it spins tapestries of colorful language."
      Clarence briefly placed his platter on the ground and held his paws against his chest, he would have to leave soon as he was starting to lose his composure.

    • "Ah. I have encountered a somewhat similar creature, a hat that was brought to life. unfortunately, neither the hat or the owner will have anything to do with me. It's such a shame that the hat returns to the owner."
      Clarence seemed to calm down but, his breathing was faster than usual.

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