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Villager: Hisako


Villager Info

ID: #308137

Name: Hisako

Gender: Non-Binary

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 2 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Vaporwavess

Genus: Shifty

Species: Demon Cat

Color: Wants to be a child


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Hisako looks stunning!

Hisako's very special treasure!


Hisako was a normal child before they died, Convinced that growing up was a fate worse than hell, Thus committing suicide before their 13th birthday, To stay young forever.
❤ - Tea parties
❤ - Card games
❤ - Vintage tableware (They collect it)
❤ - Childhood
❤ - Plushies
❤ - Oversized sweaters
❤ - Nostalgia
X - Adulthood
X - Being referred to as a demon
X - Birthdays
X - Loud noises
X - Nightmares
X - The thought of maturing

Hisako tries to engrave their warped ideas into the minds of children below 13, Making them feel worthless by the time they grow up. They do not want to hurt anyone, Though. They are just passing on what they think is true. Hisako was raised around parents who would constantly fight, And would never really act like they cared, So they just assumed all adults were the same husks of people that their parents were. Hisako was a very sweet child during their short life, But was constantly harassed by adults for being naive and overly forgiving. The only thing they could not forgive were the adults, Who they pictured as twisted monsters whose only purpose was to torture children.
Their theme:

~ No~ One~ oh,
No one no one no one at the kitty cats table,
no one today

The kitty cat is talking again,
just like every other day,
with ghosts of children who cannot escape ~

This is their voice. OFC it's just an english cover of the original.
Hisako will reply in character! Feel free to interact with them!

Comments 5

    • It nods its head, and it probably would have smiled if it had a lower jaw.
      "We appreciate you taking time to stop and speak with us. Not many do, it seems."

    • It blinks and then slowly nods.
      "We do not like seeing the young ones suffer. Our first soul lived a life of suffering; we do not want that for anyone else. So we ask them 'Will you join us?' and most, they do."

      Legion looks off to the side.
      "But those who do not, who say 'No, I want to die', we stay by their side until they are gone. When the adults will no longer care for them even in their dying moments, we will. Forever, we will."

    • "We agree, we agree! Though our souls didn't get to live to adulthood, we agree."

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