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Villager: Roar



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ID: #334852

Name: Roar

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 1 year, 8 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: blackfirewolf4932

Species: Gem Raptor

Color: Highland


House: FurCash House

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Roar's very special treasure!


Roar is very cautious and will think about any action before doing it and so sometimes he has a hard time deciding on something. He sees his greenery as a safe haven. He loves plants and knows about almost every plant. Roar moved in to live with Flare and for awhile it was just them before Spike moved in. When he's not in his greenery or arguing with Flare, he's in his room reading or hanging out with Spike.


"Roar!" cried Flare bursting into Roar's greenery. Roar jumped and the pot that he'd been holding slipped from his claws and crashed onto the floor, shattering.
"What do you need?" Roar growled.
"How are the plants growing?" Flare asked calmly.
"Fine," muttered Roar. He rolled his eyes and turned back to his work. Roar and focused on sweeping up the clay shards that had scattered all over the floor when he had dropped the pot. He dug through the little dirt pile on the floor and pulled out a little red seed. He found another empty pot and put the seed in there before cleaning up the rest of the mess.
Flare burst through Roar's bedroom door and Roar fell out of his chair and the book he had been reading fell onto his head. Roar picked himself up off the floor and put the book on his shelf before turning to Flare.
"What is it? Why do you need to bother me so that everything I do turns into a big mess? It's just you, Ocean, and me here and if I have to live with a tiny dragon climbing all over me, I'm done!"
"Sorry, but there's someone at our door," Flare replied. There was an apologetic look in his eyes. Roar sighed. This was the most he ever got from Flare.
At the door, a small hyena, just a little smaller than Flare, stood. The hyena was shivering and their big fearful eyes looked up at Roar like Roar was there to lead him to a torture chamber.
"Why are you here?" Roar asked, trying to sound as kind as possible for the hyena's sake.
Spike rushed into his room, slime dripping off his sword. Roar sighed and decided to clean up the mess. Halfway through cleaning, Spike ran out of his room and tripped over Roar's tail.
"You ok?" Roar asked, standing up and trying to ignore the fact that he smelled of floor cleaner. Spike nodded and Roar offered his hand to help Spike up off the floor. Spike hesitated before excepting it.
Roar stood with his arms crossed before the demon-like creature before him.
"You are not Spike! He doesn't sound like you, doesn't look like you, your story is unbelievable! What did you do to him?" Roar snapped. The creature flinched at Roar's harsh words before looking up at Roar, trying to meet his glare. The creature could hold a strong gaze for two seconds before looking down again.
"I... I am... I... I have m-my sword... Y-you carved into th-the b-blade... S-s-so we c-could always be c-connected... even in the middle of b-battle..." the creature stuttered and showed Roar the blade. On the blade, not a month before, Roar had carved "Roar x Spike". Roar shook his head in disbelief.
"I don't know how you know this, or why you have his sword... I bet you killed him and stole it from him to earn my trust! Give me Spike back!" Roar snarled, trying to hide the fact he was on the verge of tears. Someone shook Roar's shoulder. Roar looked down to see Shadow standing beside him.
"I'll do a DNA test. If it's the same as Spike's then we'll have to believe him for now," Shadow said, flicking her tail back and fourth. Her hairless cat sat on her shoulder. Roar nodded and glared at the creature one last time before exiting the room.
Roar sat beside Spike in a small meadow, not too far from the house.
"Sorry for... for everything," Roar said quietly. Spike just nodded, his talon itching a little closer to Roar's hand.
"I'm sorry too.... I should have listened when you said there were too many to fight..." Spike said, his tail curled around him. Roar wanted to say that he was wrong to have even tried to contain Spike. Spike was small and weak in front of others but in front of monsters he was big and powerful. Spike had wanted to help get rid of them as the monster population began to rise. Roar had said no and tried to keep Spike in the house. Tried to keep him from going to face all of them alone. But Spike had gone anyway and returned as this thing. This creature. Spike's outward appearance had changed, but not his inside appearance. Roar thought of that as admirable.
Roar took Spike's talon.
"Forgive me please... I couldn't think of life without you. The days you were gone were torture. I didn't sleep. Please don't leave me again. But please forgive me for containing you, I don't want to live with that guilt," Roar cried. Spike looked up at Roar, surprised but then smiled and leaned into Roar.
"I forgave you at your first apology last month," Spike said calmly. The two sat there, looking at the sky, enjoying each other's warmth. Roar knew hat no doubt, that both of them wanted this moment to last forever.

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