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Villager: Rocket

Space Blast


Villager Info

ID: #66020

Name: Rocket

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Insanity_Rocket

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Bay


House: FurCoin House

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*A tall and muscular black Dutch Angel dragon greets you, his crystal looking feathers glimmer bright blue against his dark fur. The fur looked so black it was kind of purple, like a raven. He smiles at you, he smiled so warmly that you forget about his appearance, even though he was quite handsome* Hello! Welcome, I'm Rocket. *You stare at him for a second. You had never seen a Dutch Angel dragon that looked as if it was made of crystal before. He cocks his head to one side and realizes you wanted to know how he had gotten this..."odd" coat color* I guess you want to know why I'm like this? *You nod enthusiastically and sit down on a comfy couch* Hehe, alright then...

I was exploring out in the woods, a part of woods no one had been to before. I kind of have a knack of getting into places I'm really not...Ah...expected in. I had caught the scent of a lot of stardust. And poison. So, I followed it to an unusually large cave and began to walk in. On my way in, I stepped on something that made a loud crunch. I didn't know what it was at the time, but it almost cost me my life. Suddenly, I was bitten and thrown out of the cave! As I stared at my bleeding wrist, I looked up to see a giant female crystal scorpian. They are critically endangered and only have one baby every 80 years. Then, I realized that I had stepped on its baby, it's only baby. So with the last of my strength, I flew to my house and my best friend Briar quickly bought a small amount of anti venom. A full bottle costed one million furdollars, and while we are pretty well off, we don't have that much. She gave me the anti venom just before I was about to die and I survived, but at the cost of my brown fur color. *The Angel dragon finishes his story, looking at his new coat color and wings* I rather like it this way! I can't say I really wanted to get bit by an 800 pound momma scorpian though. *Rocket says with a small laugh* Nice meeting you!

Personality- Goofy, friendly, flirty, kind, gentle, strong, loyal

Status- Single

Roleplays- Open (Currently in 0 active ones)

(Hehe, also...Rocket is a bit flirty, so just tell him if you aren't interested XD. Rocket does love to chat though! Another quirk about Rocket...He makes ME ask if other villagers want to be his friend. He's shy around brand new people, but right when they want to be his friend, he is the nicest, most happy Dutchie you may ever meet)

BritishSarcasm made the paintie!
Sikla gave me the furdollars to put it on!
Thank you both so so much!

Comments 113

    • Hello, I have come to tell you that you have great taste in character design. I really like looking at dutch angel dragon painties and this one looks amazing. Okay have a good day.

    • very cool and cute! Reminds me of cobalt...

    • You're an incredibly beautiful and handsome Dutchie, Rocket! Love your fur <3

    • You're an incredibly beautiful and handsome Dutchie, Rocket! Love your fur <3

    • Is he open for a relationship? I think he'd be a good balance for Kexi. She doesn't have a paintie yet. If not, they could be friends!

    • if i may say, you are absolutely gorgeous! what a lovely angel you are.

    • *shy hug*

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