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Villager: Victor

Lady Basalt


Villager Info

ID: #77676

Name: Victor

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 10 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Steahl

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCoin House

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Victor is a smug bastard who has probably earned every bit of infamy he has. Scout leader among Patrol and long term plotter, he's a meddler and incredibly devoted family man.


~Coloring By Khaos, lineart by Don'ttouch Rummy~

Comments 22

    • [No worries ^^]

      "I'll have to see about sending some of the newer scouts by with raw materials then, only fair if you're offering to help spread medicines *he grins* And you'll let me know if any of them get mouthy or the like? Always takes a while to knock the ego out of them and pretty ladies alone often means a chance to practice flirting!

    • (Ah sorry for the last response. Been drawing a blank on what to say!)

      If I can assist I definitely would love to. Please let me know if any other areas need my help. I can't leave the village but I can definitely send some extra supplies!

    • I understand. Especially in your line of work! It must be dangerous.

    • You have a lot of faith in your subordinates! That's very admirable.

    • Oh, of course not, I love having visitors. Although everyone here is friendly and we have a pair of guards making sure we're safe. We don't get much foot traffic and the local businesses could always use it! More or less I'm always seeing the same faces.

    • Our village is rather small so we don't have a lot of accommodations. You and your scouts are always welcome though!

    • Ah, that's fine! I also have my own bed if someone needs to stay here. She looks at the room to the side. She blushes a little, imagining how messy it is. Anymore than that and I'm afraid they'll have to sleep on the recliner or bring their own sleeping bag.

    • I do! However, not many people get sick so I'm afraid I only have one extra bed. Nymeria leads Victor towards a relatively small room. There's a bed with a privacy divider and a messy work station with a mortar and pestle. There's one more room to the side. It's a mess in here, I apologize! I don't usually get bedridden people so I haven't had time to clean. Mostly, a quick bottled cure is enough.

    • That would be lovely! Thank you! Nymeria smiles. I can definitely see that. Especially for villagers who don't have as much cold resistance that could be catastrophic.

    • Oh I do love the snow. It often gets too warm around here for tea. Old habits I suppose! The cold is very nice as well! I have a lot of fur so I tend to overheat at times. I can see why your friend might not like it though! From my understanding, machinery doesn't take too well to it!

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