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Who's Got Candy?! For Real This Time!

Posted by Staff on 24 Oct 2017, 9:59 pm


Hi all, I’m here with good news, the Candy Shop is finally opening it’s doors! And if the coding gods are kind to us, the rest of the event will be kicking off tomorrow so cross your fingers, make an offering of bananas, whatever works for you, and hope for the best!


Candy Shop!!!

Ok! I know everyone is excited but try to stick with me through the news post before you run off to spend those candy points. Hopefully you turned in all that candy and stocked up on points instead of eating it like some people…Things have been a bit crazy around the Furvilla offices lately, candy hyper mods everywhere.

The current stock is not all that we plan to add so please be aware of that and try not to spend all your points before you see all that is available (we will be adding a recipes and a special item or two). But let’s take a look at what we have available for you all right now!






Event Mini-Pets will be breedable until the end of November!

And as promised we have a thread ready for those free default image changes for those of you that want the more gory version of the Undead Rabbit for their villager! Just come visit the thread and make your post once you’ve used your Magic Plush.

Undead Rabbit Image Change Requests

Looking forward to getting the ball rolling on the rest of this event, have a good night!


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    • About how long do you guys think it will take to change the undead rabbit to zombie rabbit?

    • If you're not going to let us convert any more candy, at least let us stack it in our inventory and feed multiple critters at once!

    • I have more than enough points to have two of each pet, plushie and weapons, where do I need to leave the offering of the banana?

    • @AstralProjection
      Thanks! I ended up buying both.

    • SnowRaven
      They are pretty good, the staff is very overpowered and can hurt you as well tho

    • So is phase 2.5 going to be delayed as Well? In the news post it seemed like we'd be seeing it "tomorrow " which is today but nothing so far

    • Can anyone give me advice on which of the weapons are good to get?

    • I just adore the shop so much and for once i can get everything XD
      thank you so much for this ! i look forward to more to come

    • i want nonmagic plushes (and use fox) but dont have points for second plushes :(