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Snow Festival Candle Fairy News!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 6 Dec 2018, 5:33 pm


With the Snow Festival approaching we are giving you warning to use your Snow Festival Candle Fairies if you want any of the furniture items that they give out. We will be removing the furniture stock from those fairies and officially retiring all those items. Please use your Candle Fairies by 12:00pm Furvilla time on December 16th if you would like to collect any of the Holiday Furniture items!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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    • So ....the new candle fairies would drop something else instead?

    • CarrionKitten @ Krissim The Candle Fairies will not disappear, they will only stop giving out the old 2016 - 2017 holiday furniture. The ones you have collected will still be in your inventory as they were. For more details, you'll have to wait for the Snow Festival ;)

    • Thanks for the heads up!

    • Any chance the old candle fairies will be converted to keepsakes instead of deleted?

    • So will the Candle Fairies disappear from our invo altogether if we don't use them, or will it just be they will give out different event items after the update?