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January Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 3 Jan 2019, 12:25 am


January has arrived (a couple days go) and with it comes new monthly goodies!

New Minipets

The January FD Pets are here! What do we have for this month...


First we have the Budgies! Tweet!


Hop hop! It’s the Jumping Spider!


Sea Bunnies! Adorable underwater friends...

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until February 3rd.

January Feast Minipets



The January 2019 Seeds are here! Time to take a peek at what we have for this month...

Dragonsmaw Manor: 4229-sinister-aquarnea-seed.png4220-inky-aquarnea.png

Oceandome: 4227-aquatic-aquarnea-seed.png4224-gardener-aquarnea.png

Olde Foxbury: 4228-armoured-aquarnea-seed.png4222-veiled-aquarnea.png

Quetzal Palace: 4225-radiant-aquarnea-seed.png4223-angelic-aquarnea.png

Tigereye Peak: 4226-frozen-aquarnea-seed.png4221-giant-aquarnea.png


We’re still waiting on a couple bits but we have new Birthday Gifts planned for this year! Be on the lookout for a news post soon on how you can receive your missed bday gift if you have an early January birthday. Thanks for your patience guys!

Happy 2019 Everyone!

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    • OH NO... Budgies... I'm personally invested now D:

    • I miss the pets being a bit more unique, at least with their naming. Like pets who never had their direct name like "budgie" displayed but instead like Birb, Burr and Bun. I enjoyed that alot more.

    • Ahhhh budgiessss frikkk


    • LUCAS!!! THE SPOODER!!!!!!!!!! god i would Love that instead of a birthday gift for this month fsdhjfsdjhf)

    • Budgies!!! I need them!!!

    • Thank you for the update! So excited for the new b-day gifts!! :>

    • Great I will need to do the feast this month because THOSE PIGS IN A BLANKET!!!

      Why do I love pancake themed feast pets so much (pancake of the sea is my other fav)

    • I NEED all the spiders and sea bunnies XD they're all adorable.
      And the vampire squids for dmm <3 I'm going to have to try and get some fancy plant drinks for some of those.

    • The first Budgie minipet looks a lot like my budgie who passed recently awwww