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We're Back! Again!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 5 Jan 2019, 1:52 pm


Downtime is done! And we have rolled out a few changes, which I have listed below!


-User blocks also now extend to galleries, menageries, and toy boxes.

-Toy Boxes can now take multiples of plushies, can have both types of plushies put in without hassle, and no longer display set slots in exchange for a Checklist.

-Added a Button Book and Sticker Album, similar to Toybox, they are for buttons and stickers respectively.

-The Gallery finally has a button in the inventory, along with a little reorganization and buttons for our new collection boxes.

-Sludge Potion is now working and craftable, you can pick up the recipe in the Recycle Shop and get your Doctors working on Chester’s (not so) secret formula!


And that’s all for now, thanks for your patience guys!

Welcome Back!

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    • Woo! I was starting to get piled up with all the buttons and such. Glad they've got a place now to tuck them.

    • Can somebody tell me how you get the gems to use in the recycle shop??? I'm a returning player, so I don't know much about these newer features...

    • For anyone curious the sludge potion is worth it if you can give your warrior lycanthropy. It gives you an in-battle buff that heals damage every turn (and I think buffs your damage output?). I don't know about the others but I know that lycanthropy is worth it to optimize your build

    • Wow YES thank you these are some fantastic updates!

    • Wow, thank you for so many cool new features c=

    • FYI, sludge potions aren't all that worth it. They just give you a spooky illness :/

      Meehhhh not that exciting... But the sticker book was worth it!

    • Is the official furvilla store gone? I don't see an option for that anymore

    • Sweet, only thing I need now is a closet to store extra outfits and costumes

    • I am surprised that "Agate's Gem" is an button.

    • AAAAH BLESS <3 <3