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Radical Summer Update!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 1 Jul 2019, 1:03 pm


Another Summertime update!

Have you all been to the picnic yet? I hope so! We have a lot of food to go around, so please do come down and dig in. I haven't seen Quinn in a while, I think he is still handing out invitations, so please watch for him while you are exploring! You can come back again and again...

...until the picnic is over, of course. Your invitations will no longer be valid once Summer ends, which according to my calendar is September 23rd, 2019. Please do make sure respond to all of your invitations by that date. Once the picnic is over, who knows where those invitations will lead?

All good things...

Any picnic baskets you find are yours to keep forever. Hopefully the ants will be out of here by that date as well... in fact, I can promise they will be.

Radical ants.

NEW Merchandise - Sticker Packs

Some of you have seen this very special little item on the site...


I'm excited to let you know that Furvilla Sticker Pack Series 1 can be found with a special item code, included with our new Furvilla Mystery Sticker 3 pack. This physical pack of stickers contains three 3-inch tall random vinyl chibi stickers as well as the item code.

StickerPackPreview.png StickerPackPreview2.png

Radical stickers.

The sticker pack will be debuting at Anthrocon, table E05, this coming weekend. It will also be available for purchase online for shipping worldwide. The price will be in-line with the current FDE stickers, and you will also be able to use the bases to create your own painties! More information about sticker packs and other new Furvilla products will be coming soon.

Golem in the Battlegrounds

As mentioned in a previous news post, the Golem are back in Furvilla and have taken up residence in the battlegrounds! We've decided to let them stay on the summer, and they will also be active until September 23rd.

Even the Golem are RADICAL.

Um, I'm not sure where that fellow up there came from. He's not Furvilla cannon. Please forgive us.

Monthly Item Update
We are experiencing a small delay in the item art for this month's FDE Pets and other monthlies. Please rest assured that these items are on the way and will be added to the site ASAP. Any delays in breeding, etc will have times adjusted to compensate for the delay.

- Picnic invitations will take you to the picnic until September 23rd, 2019.
- Ants and Golem will be gone by that same date.
- New Merchandise is debuting at Anthrocon, and it will also be available online later this summer.
- Monthlies are on the way!
- Aspen is the most radical.

Stay cool!
- Aspen -

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    • Owner-Aspen "Please do make sure respond to all of your invitations by that date. Once the picnic is over, who knows where those invitations will lead?" So are you saying that they won't simply just become dead icons, that they will work in some other way? I keep thinking about this.. Thanks!

    • The event looks great but I have a question: 3 where the golem and the radical ants come out?.

    • What, cannons? Are there cannons in the Furvilla world now?

    • I’d love the stickers but I’m currently broke “:) if there’s and order on a million that’s probably just me though-

    • pollyanna Please PM Admin-Mat with what you have in mind. He will guide you with what is within the rules of the site and the best way to handle your ideas.

      That's very generous of you to think of a giveaway! :)

    • Radical golem is my new aesthetic

    • Haha, I was joking. ^^ Nice to know you're being professional and organized about this though. Thank you so much <3

    • I can't wait until I'm able to get a PayPal withing 3-6 years! XD I need to get something someday since I live to far from any cons you guys go to, let alone any fur-cons

    • Owner-Aspen I'm interested in potentially hosting a free giveaway via forums with the physical sticker packs + item codes. Provided it doesn't cost anyone anything to enter and I cover shipping, is that something I would be able to do with the packs I purchase?