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Scheduled Downtime - Nov 9, 10 AM

Posted by MOD-Thaleia on 7 Nov 2019, 4:42 pm


Hello all!

Hope you enjoyed this year’s harvest festival.

I want to give you all a heads up.

We will be going into a short maintenance downtime on Saturday, November 9, at 10 am Furvilla time.

This is primarily for database maintenance.

To summarize, EXHAUSTIVE logs of every battle have been kept in the database since 2017. Old battle logs are taking up the majority of the database memory. There wasn’t a built-in mechanism for cleaning the logs, and over time, this has filled up the database on the server to the point it must to be cleaned out ASAP. Unnecessary battleground logs will be automatically kept clean going forward, so we shouldn’t have to do this again.

Note that this will also purge any incomplete battles that any villagers are participating in when we do the database clean-up. I recommend that you avoid actively battling when we go into downtime, or else you may get an error message when attempting to refresh the screen on an interrupted battle.

Otherwise, there should be no noticeable changes to gameplay afterwards. Battle logs will still be kept during battle and reviewable at the end. Villager progress in the Warrior career (such as level, battles fought/won, and tourny stats) will not be touched.

If you do have any specific concerns you would like to point out, please feel free to ask here.

Thank you!


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    • Oof, no wonder I kept getting error messages telling me to refresh the page (whilst my warrior having an epicc battle) for le' pass. Idk... my memories are sooo weak X3

    • gaiaweylyn no i don’t see this effecting that. But I would like to look into this issue in the future at some point..

    • ana_the_cat123 . Firstly, happy birthday tomorrow! =D

      And no worries, if all goes as planned the downtime will not last very long.

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    • I've noticed in general this site does unnecessarily hoard logs of pretty much everything it can. Me wishes that we could get the option to delete logs of things like transfers, animal husbandry etc. just to do some housekeeping and not have all these old logs and troll transfers from years ago clogging things up!

    • Ah, just saw the alert. Thank you, and sorry for the troubles! Been really happy with this event, thanks for the grand time and updates!

    • answrs please see your original post in the bug report for a detailed response. I believe it is simply a matter of the DMM battlegrounds not refreshing the stats like the normal battleground now do. So you are seeing the original status carry over bug. I plan to have this fixed by DMM festival 2020! :)

    • Ooh!~ Is it possible that this will finally clear the original Star Fairy buff from my account? From the old Warrior system? That's be grand. It's been sitting there on my sidebar for about that long.

    • Also, sorry if this is too intrusive, but you said "when a Warrior starts a new battle it’ll delete the data for any older battles". So if a warrior never starts another battle, does the log stay there forever? It's certainly much less data than before but could maybe still prove problematic someday.

    • That's amazing. I guess the logs must've helped with balancing stats, but having no cleanup system is bound to prove problematic eventually. And the new one sounds great!
      On that note, it's good news there's no strict time limit. However, I feel like year-long battles or similar could be safely abandoned ^^;
      Love hearing about maintenance changes, thank you <3