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Scheduled Downtime - Jan 3 - 10pm

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 2 Jan 2020, 11:39 pm


Hello everyone! As we prepare for the upcoming scheduled downtime on Friday, January 3rd at 10pm FVT, I would like to announce some changes to the following site content, which we are implementing for game balancing purposes.

When downtime begins, the following changes will be made:

- Battle Moos will be removed from "Steeds and More" in Olde Foxbury. These pets will be obtainable via a new method after the update.

- Hallowed Potion and Fancy Plant Drink Recipes will be removed from the recycle shop. These items will be obtainable elsewhere after the update.

- All restocking pets in all village-specific pet shops will have their prices increased.

These changes have already been made:

The following pets have had their color rarities reduced to uncommon:
A Stray Chow Chow
Deepsea Dunkey
Domestic Heraclex
Soup Quacker
Howling Were-Kitsune

The following pets have had their color rarities reduced to common:
Painted Eggadillo
Four Leaf Irish Hare
Lunar Pig
Pink Flamingo
Winter's Majesty Stag
New Year Finale Firework Ferret
Spring Garden Grazer
Sapling Treeceratops
Chicken Pugget
May Pole Ribbon Noodle

Finally, all pets have been removed from the quest pool. If you see a requested pet in quests, please report it. Thank you.

As a reminder, the downtime will last a minimum of 2 hours as we implement and test new site features. We do not have an estimate of when the site will be back up. The TEP festival will be extended by 1 day to help compensate for the loss of time. We do greatly appreciate your patience and think it will be worth the wait. <3

Thank you for reading!
- Aspen -

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    • Ohh, could this be the AH career changes that many have been hoping for? :D

    • Pet changes?? [vibrates in anticipation]

    • Thank you so much for the heads up! I really appreciate that you communicate this clearly. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly tonight, I'm looking forward to the new features c= also happy you're having the added day for TEP!

    • Jelki snafflewyrm Thanks for bringing these to my attention. The game should not be asking for those animals, but it appears they are older pets that may be coded differently. (Translation: Blah blah, coding admin tools mumbo jumbo.)

      I got Quinn on it right now, hopefully we can clean that up quickly. Thank you!

    • Happy to knoq the event will be extended! thank you so much!

    • Got a quest asking for a Brown Shadow right now

    • Kiss the top of my head and say "Animal husbandry is no longer going to suck" already

    • How do I report a pet in the quest pool? I just started a quest and it asked me for a white spirit.

    • Ohhhh excited to see what happens! :D Best of luck! I hope all the coding works as planed!