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User ID: #20990
Username: snafflewyrm
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Nov 2019, 11:33 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:15 am

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Goals: 2859-flora-felilidae.png2267-blossom-pawsum.png407-autumn-catbat.png2106-emerald-hognose.png2967-ethereal-alien-space-lobster.png2096-cumulonimbus-thundercat.png2110-teal-mantis.png2301-icy-armaburlo.png2302-armoured-armaburlo.png2489-rose-breasted-cockatiel.png

(Thankyou to BittyKitty , Dubstep and Sassibirb for your gifts!!)

Quest materials!

- Medicines of any potency
(Thankyou anon for all the medicines!!)

- Weapon and armor schemas that drop
from the Wandering Monsters battlegrounds

- Craftable village weapons

- Morphing Potions (excluding shark, chicken, bovine, gem raptor and shifty)

- Uncommon village minipets
(Most wanted:
Please note that these will not go to my menagerie,
they'll be handed over to Ix’kin and disappear!)

Notes: Ping Dragonsrus when Level 10
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Villagers 22

Comments 101

    • Congrats on winning first place in the art contest! Your piece is absolutely stunning and you can see the effort put into it!

    • Thank you for the animals!

    • No problem. Enjoy your weekend :)

    • Thank you for notifying me of that c:! No worries.
      I'm glad you were able to get him :0! He's such a cutie.

    • Voted for all your fur idols :D

    • Hi there! I wasn't sure if I should PM you to ask or if I should comment, but I saw your furidol entries and I was wondering if you were open for commissions?

    • Anything in my stall you might want to trade for your Honey Teddy Bear in your stall?

    • Out of curiosity would you be open to trading for your Lion Mane and Shield?

    • Are you open for commissions at all? OvO

    • Thank you for the beautiful picture of Ganache! <3

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