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Scheduled Downtime for 8 PM Friday

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 8 May 2020, 2:52 am


Hi everyone!

We are planning a scheduled downtime for Friday, May 8th at 8 PM Furvilla Time.
We expect this to be a longer downtime, lasting about 3 hours.

Tourney Expansion

The primary purpose of this downtime is to make changes to the Tourney in anticipation for the upcoming Olde Foxbury Festival, which will be in June this year.

A new format, the Standard Tourney will be introduced. Equipment used in the Standard Tourney will be automatically scaled up or down to 100% potency. At the start of testing, no equipment will be restricted, however, we anticipate some very powerful equipment will be added to a ban list in order to create a more level playing field and diverse environment.

We will be asking for your input determining this via a dedicated forum thread which will be available once testing starts. A special trophy will be awarded to those who participate in this beta test!

The Standard Tourney and original Tourney, now re-named Free-For-All, will run simultaneously twice a month. Your registered villager will be able to fight in both formats, and VP earned from each format and monster battles can be earned to spend in the Tourney Shop. More items will be added to the Tourney shop as well.

New Career Achievements

Also during downtime, achievements and trophies for Blacksmiths, Crafters and Tailors will be added to the site. Skill levels will be displayed for these careers and skill will influence equipment crafted by these careers.

After downtime, more details about all the changes will be announced.

Thank you!

-Hiker Quinn

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    • Furvilla is back, yay!
      But the daily rewards are gone
      Could yall check on this plz?

    • Ohhhh! Nifty! :D I always like to see things for Warriors, its my favorite career so far.
      I'll try and jump in on that Beta Testing if able. Though I have a feeling most of my weapons will be on the ban list. ^^;

    • Purpoah
      UTC-5 or CDT
      The time is right below the Furvilla Logo in the top left hand corner

    • Oh okay thank you !

    • what is furvilla time?
      i'm in california

    • Not a fan of the Legacy Grounds either. Obtaining a Cursed Faeli Amulet will take eternities now.

    • I am not a fan of the new "Legacy Grounds" =p I loved fighting the Lone Wolves. First fight was a Dire Wolf, followed by a Mimic. Ick! The Randomness is stressy. I'd prefer to have the battlegrounds rotate out instead of tossing them all into the same pot. Just my feedback.

    • Ooh, thanks for letting us know im exited to see the changes!

    • Thank you very much for giving us the head's up! I appreciate that. The changes sound intriguing .-.

    • ho I'm curious to see what the skill levels for crafting will change