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The Serpent Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 14 Feb 2017, 12:10 pm


Ana says:

Greetings, villagers of the mainland. The time has come, and the serpent has landed on the mainland and is ready for your offerings. This ancient beast is one of the last remaining from the old times, before written history, before the villages came together in a global economy and named themselves, collectively, Furvilla. This serpent is where the villagers of Quetzal Palace have made our town, and its constant movement allows us travel across the entire Furvillian continent. Except for these coming two weeks, at least...


The serpent is peculiar, you see. It enjoys collecting small animals and weaponry/armor (though we are widely uncertain what it does with these items). If you bring it an offering of these items, it will reward you in turn. Our Cloudog species was created by the serpent, and it appears that it has created more life from the clouds:






As you may note, these creatures have a breeding cool-down of one day. This means that you may attempt to breed them, if you are skilled in animal husbandry, or you can continue to offer the serpent creatures in exchange for its creations. You may find that the serpent is more rewarding, if you are seeking out a rarer animal. When the serpent leaves on March 1st, these creatures will become infertile, and will not be able to breed.

But fear not, as the Guardian Angels will be working to collect rare and super rare creatures to offer at the Gala Ball. Nonetheless, if you happen to include 5,000 FC with your animal offering, the serpent may regard which species you prefer.


The serpent is giving away weapons and armor (and a helm) that are far stronger than most we have created... and much more sturdy. Perhaps one day the serpent will share its techniques for durable construction with our blacksmiths... hm...


This is the Serpent's Feather, and you can obtain it by trading in weapons or armor to the serpent. This is the currency of the Gala Ball. If you wish to purchase anything from the Gala, then you should collect these. Hm... I do believe you may want to make sure you collect fifty of these beautiful feathers before the Gala opens... but that is your choice, of course.


That strange fellow who creates all the plushes has been hard at work designing ones for our illustrious festival... now, you may not find you are able to get your paws on these until the Gala opens. However, you can gaze upon them right now and begin your plans for collection.


Speaking of the Gala, you are aware it opens on February 21st at 12:00 PM, yes? I expect you will be getting yourself ready for that... place yourself in a nice suit or dress, and you will look your best. Perhaps you can earn yourself a VIP ticket to the Gala? Do be sure to bring plenty of feathers, as there will be many fashionable objects available at the Gala for your perusal and purchase: plushes, furniture, vistas, rare and super rare creatures... perhaps other things, as we hosts see fit.


It appears that the Skunk and Dutch Angel Dragon species have found their wings in the Fairy Costume... or an extra pair of wings, depending on who you're talking to.


The Snake and Dutch Angel Dragon species have learned to smile down upon us from the stars, and can now wear the Galaxy Costume.


The Dutch Angel Dragon and Bear species have joined our ranks in the army, and can now wear the Angelic Costume.


Now, if you will excuse me... I am a bit preoccupied with a promise I made earlier... *she searches for a note that she had written, but frustratedly cannot find it* ...oh dear. Well, this may not end well...

Information Recap
- Trade 5 Animals in for 1 Festival Animal (better RNG than breeding)
- Pay 5,000 FC to choose Festival Animal Species
- Festival Animals set to 1 Day Breeding Charge until 3/1/2017
- Festival Animals become unbreedable on 3/1/2017
- Trade 5 Weapons/Armor in for 1 Festival Item (weapons, armor, and feathers)
- Suggested to collect 50 Feathers before Gala Opening
- Gala Ball begins Feb 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM
- Dress well!
- Help Ana! Something's gotten her worried...

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    • will there be another festival?

    • Thanks, @Admin-Deinmaar! There's been some conduction in chat about that!

    • Argent
      Pretty much everything starts and ends at noon

    • @Admin-Deinmaar What time exactly does the Festival end? Midnight? Noon?

    • i'm wearing two suits on at the time time i feel gREA T

    • It takes me a really long time to gather the materials to make 5 shields to turn into the serpent for the past 3 attempts 15 shields I haven't gotten anything but a feather I find that to be really disappointing :(

    • How does one get to the serpent? Cause I can't find a way to him/it

    • Ana you are my crush.

      So fierce yet adorable??? I love it.

      Also Dragons??? The Dutch Angel kind as well.

      So Cute <3

    • How do I get to the serpent? I don't know