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On the Catwalk

Posted by Staff on 18 Feb 2017, 7:04 pm


Hi all! It’s that time of year again where the Quetzal Palace Serpent descends to the mainland to pay all of us a visit (and collect offerings of course). But this Festival isn’t all about the Serpent, I mean what is a Festival without some festivities right?

As everyone knows, the Gala is fast approaching but this year Quetzal Palace is also hosting the first ever Serpent Festival Fashion Show! Citizens from far and wide are welcome to attend and show off their finest Serpent Festival looks. So come on and take a walk down the catwalk and strut your stuff!

Below you will find a link to the Fashion Show thread, please be sure to read all the rules thoroughly to make sure your post/s will be eligible. We’re looking forward to seeing all your beautiful, smiling, fashion forward faces out there!

Serpent Festival Fashion Show

I hope everyone enjoys the show and I’ll see you all there!

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    • Why the heck are beta items allowed?? That's completely unfair to the beta testers - those items were supposed to be 'special' to those who helped with beta testing :/

    • MariahKat
      Beta Bugs and Discourse items are going to be allowed.

    • "Your prize wish list may contain 5 items, excluding FurDollar Emporium items" What about beta bugs and discourse equipment?? I feel like those shouldn't be allowed either-

    • Definitely entering! Looks amazing!

    • !!!