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Charging In To Battle!

Posted by Staff on 6 May 2017, 4:36 am


Hi All!

After some considerations, we’ve decided to release the combat update earlier than we had originally intended, for a few reasons. Firstly we want to make sure you all have enough time to adjust and get in a little practice before the tournament, and secondly, we also need your help in testing the system!

Currently, the system lacks a bit of polish - but this will come later. We’re looking to set the groundwork for now. Notably, a lot of the particularly powerful items may be difficult to come by, and this is intentional. We’ll likely improve the drop rates on these items after the tournament.

Primarily, though, we’d like to ask for a bit of patience while we sort out the numbers throughout the first week or so.

Battle System Feedback

What we’re looking for in this department is information regarding item drops as well as overall balance. If a monster feels too weak, let us know - if an item is too powerful, let us know - that sort of thing. This information will be reported in the Feedback Thread (linked below). While we can make adjustments to values (such as how likely an item is to drop, how much damage an item does, or what sort of stats a monster might have), changing core designs is less likely to happen at this stage, so keep that in mind.

The Feedback Thread is located here:

Battle System Feedback

Battle System Bugs

Now we’re not talking insects here, we’re trying to find for the mean, nasty kinds of bugs that ruin everyone’s fun. Right now we’re looking for things like obvious flaws with mechanics and calculations, but minor issues - such as misspelled descriptions, are useful as well. If anything seems wonky please report it in the thread linked below.

Additionally, if you discover an obvious exploit, please report it and don’t continue to exploit it. We’ve squashed the bugs that we noticed, but a system this big is inevitably going to have more bugs than we could find!

The Bug Report Thread is located here:

Battle System Bug Reports

Battle System Change Log

There will be a lot of changes coming in as we work to use your feedback and bug reports to better balance the system. If you’d like to stay updated on all those goings on then please feel free to check in at the link below!

The Battle Change Log is located here:

Battle System Change Log


To help everyone get started, we’ve added a login tracker on the front page that’ll award Warrior Elixirs and Chocolate Candy, as well as other goodies that you can claim once a day. Unlike the Daily Login Streak, you’ll be able to miss several days and still be able to claim all the rewards. And as long as you claim your rewards 20 times within the duration (expected duration is 40 days) you will still be able to collect the last tier rewards.

Awesome Goodies Are Here!

We also plan to give out a little reward for all of those that have clocked 200+ wins in the old Warrior system! So be on the lookout for that in the future.

Battle Item Shop Stock

Some new Battle related stock has been added to your Village Weapon Shops as well as the Recycle Shop. You’ll find some new basic armour in the Village shops and a few assorted goodies hanging out in the Recycle shop, Isadore is eager to take those Fur Gems off your hands.

Quick Guide for Getting Started

Any items you want to use with the new system you’ll need to convert manually from your inventory. Simply click the item and convert it to get started - remember, you don’t have to convert items that you want to save, and there are definitely perks for hanging on to legacy items so keep this in mind! Any new items created will be created with the new system.

To get started, all you’ll need is some store bought goods - but you can also use the stuff you’ll get in the above login tracker! At the very least, you’ll need to equip a new armour item as well as at least one weapon - though using a full kit will definitely help your chances of winning! From there, all you have to do is click a battleground and you’re good to go! If you get hurt - no worries, just eat some tasty chocolate and you can jump right back into the fray! Tired? Out of charges? Not a problem! Chug back a warrior elixir to have 20 charges restored, just like that! You’ll get some of these for free as well! Happy battling!

And once again, thanks for letting us ramble at you!

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    • Did the weapons/shields equipped to villagers just disappear!?

    • Is it just me, of am I getting non-OD monsters in Oceandome? (Not complaining,; I like it... just a little confused is all. XD; )

    • I'm really enjoying the new battle system, it's a lot more fun than the old one ^-^ And the new weapons and items look so cool, I can't wait until I'm able to craft some of them

    • I'm very disappointed over losing my 70+ daily login streak because of FV being offline probably for this, unabling me to log in and claim it. But I'm also hoping that this feature will bring good stuff for the game.

    • AUGH. They've brought back the PQ.

      I think I'll sit this festival out and concentrate on AH and exploring again.

    • I'm a little confused what the point in most levels are, beyond being filler in between the ones that matter. It seems like they do nothing, so given how RNG heavy it is kicking people out of training are at lv 3 might be a bit premature...

    • is there like a guide or something to help get started on the new system? i can't use any of the items i currently have and i wish i would have known beforehand that converting would wipe everything i had done up to that point :( also, where is the login tracker? i hope this starts to go more smoothly soon..

    • really awesome that it reset all my warriors to level 0 and now all the equipment I put effort into getting means nothing until I can level them up, but leveling them up is such a pain I don't even want to play it anymore :)

    • I...Dont understand what this is? I stopped using the battle system(and basiclly all systems cept exploring) A very long time ago and I barely understood what was happening then...Could...Someone explain how this works how to get started or point me to a guide or something? Id rather not change my old warrior back to a warrior before knowing.(Isnt there a cooldown on job changes? Id rather not change her back till I know for sure cause last I checked there was and I dont want to have to wait to change her back to an explorer if Im confused and have no idea what Im doing.) thanks

    • Do HP potions no longer work?