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User ID: #105778
Username: MintySugarpaws
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Apr 2018, 10:24 am
Registered: 9 Oct 2017, 2:36 am

Villagers 6

Comments 24

    • Why thank you. ^_^ She's my fursona.

    • hey i just wanted you to know i finished the art and pinged you to the thread but i'm not sure if it pinged you or not becaudse it's edited on the first post

      i hope it's okay

    • Thank you !

    • Aw! Hope you get well soon then buddy! Best wishes from me!

    • Thank you!


      Your villagers are so adorable cx

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy the ticket! :D

    • Thanks so much m8 ;w; for the plushie and the bump!

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