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User ID: #112176
Username: QueenScarBlood
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 Dec 2019, 10:59 pm
Registered: 9 Mar 2018, 9:02 pm

Profile description

♡ Danielle | Female | Single | Bisexual | ♡

I really like gifts ~

Instagram: tohru.loli

♡~ If your the one who sends me things as a Anonymous user thank you! I really want to know you but i understand if you don't want me to ~♡

CosmoTheFox is my step brother lol

† {Wishlist} †
Paintie Ticket
Strawberry Pancake Of The Sea
Chocolate Pancake Of The Sea

♡~If you give me a paintie ticket or one of the pancakes of the sea I'll marry you~ senpai~♡

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    • Thank you !!! :D

    • i do RP! within certain parameters- i put out a lf post the other day actually :0

    • haha maybe then i'll beat you with the power of dance! ... yeah probably not, lmao. v cute deku icon btw!

    • awee you're very welcome, sweet peach! C'':'thank you too! *lots of cosy cuddles*
      It's nice to see so many bnha fans floating about! I've only seen season 1 so far but I enjoyed it all the same!

    • W h e e z e your icon is gorgeous and your profile is so soft n' wholesome! ;//v//; ♡

    • ah, I appreciate that, thank you -v-
      I love making my profile as welcoming as i can :D

    • Thank you v much :00!!!

    • AHHH YEEESSS!!! A fellow fan! Me & my friend @/iEatSouls love to fight about who is the more determined Katsuki fan lol
      Bakugou is my favorite ;)

      (Tsuyu & Momo are super close seconds!)

    • Aaaa thanks my dude!! Also ayy another BNHA fan!! :DD I've seen a couple others but not too many, i know that user MZZA at the very least likes Tsuyu :OO

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