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Username: Eden_Lupes
Gender: MALE (HE/HIM)
Registered: 1 Jun 2018, 11:19 am

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Hey, remember when he tried to sell illegal adopts?

Yeah, I purposely decided not to read that site's rules just like most people do. That doesn't excuse anything though, because rules are meant to be read. I messed up, and you shouldn't forget that just because I want to get past it.

Hey, remember when he took a load of commissions at once, then couldn't finish them because his tablet broke?

Remember when I refunded all the customers?

I doubt his tablet even broke.

Yeah, I can't prove that. You can't prove it didn't either though. Guess that's just how that works.

Hey, remember when he blamed his problems on his anxiety?

Problems, while they can't be excused by, can be accentuated by mental illness. Always remember that. You don't do things because you're depressed, but your depression may well make things worse for you. If I mess up, that's on me. My feelings are not always under control, and you can't expect them to be. It's how I react that matters.

Guess that's all sorted out now. Or at least until an admin edits my profile to be more polite or something. I just want to say I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt, but a lot of people have it wrong about me. That doesn't excuse anything though. I've messed up my fair share, I just wish people would let it go and lower their expectations of me so I don't stress myself out trying not to mess up for fear of someone seeing and cataloging it in a giant book of my mistakes. Again though, a lot of the "expectations" I mentioned are, in fact, my fault. I'll admit that. I'm sorry.

♡ taken by Imhereimqueer

✰ icon made by Pandorose

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    • Psst idk if it's actually a kenku, but I appreciate your kenku char. OvO

    • Hello! I'm not sure if it's safe to make an extra post on the thread so I'll just thank you here for the cool art! Thank you for drawing them! ;v;

    • Thank you. It took a very long time, unfortunately...

    • Pandorose Yeah I love it!!! And it's perfect icon size!!!!!! (Don't worry, I've got credit for it everywhere)

    • omg i'm gonna cry you have it as your icon!!
      i'm so happy you like it <3 <3 sorry it took me foREVER

    • lillmonster Would it be possible to PM it to me? I'd love to edit it and use it... >v<

    • ohh! I just went to the forums and found the topic labeled coding-discussion! It was like under free CSS help :D I found a free code on there that the user was giving for whoever wanted it :)

    • lillmonster Oh yeah! It's the name of the code you used to make your profile all snazzy! It's how I can do this, and this, and this!

    • aaaah sorry BBC? xD IM NOOBIE IM SORRY!! Does that mean code?? :o

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