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Username: Illyasviel
Registered: 11 Mar 2019, 2:43 am

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update: so it's been a while. this acc is officially dead and I'm not coming back. a lot has changed since the mental ward incident. i have a family, a home, and a job to worry about, and have zero interest in the drama that goes on here.

buttons, logo animations, trophy scrollbar credit noll
other code credit alxq and snowflakeartist

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Comments 8

    • Sorry, another player sent a trade first!

    • Got the May Pole Ribbon Noodle from another user, so I´ll have to cancel the trade. Sorry about that!

    • Thank you! And its no problem, really, I don't play this game anymore.

    • Thank you for your purchase and your profile theme is lovely

    • I love your username!

    • blep!!!

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