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Username: Super-Star-Ari
Registered: 20 Aug 2017, 1:07 am

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Hello! I'm Ari! I'm 14 years old!

Ari/Female/Loves animals/I'm a furry /Crybaby/Addicted to Melanie Martinez/Loves chocolate/Sister is Foxwithaflute /Loves gemstones and crystals
"I don't know, I just want to sleep."
Also, really love animals. I own three at home! Poppy, a golden doggy (Female), Pumpkin Pie (An old orange male cat), and my one and only Peanut Butter, the cutest little kitten I know.

Feel free to talk to me about animals! I am friendly yet I sometimes go off topic! I'm barely serious, and I love to joke around. Don't take it personally if I don't respond right away, I'm busy constantly!

Any minipets that aren't in my menagerie
Any plushies that aren't in my toy box
Paintie tickets
Serpent's furniture that is not in Ria's house

[quote]]I am Kiwee231 on Animal Jam
I also am about to make a toyhouse :) [/b]

I am Kiwee231 on Animal Jam

And I hope to make a toyhouse soon! :) (I already have a code)

My referral code for furvilla is: http://www.furvilla.com/register/103454


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    • thank you for the sanses.

    • oof my bad ;-;

    • Oh hey! Another 14 year old player :D

    • That's ok, no problem! Thank you very much for the Rosy Seedling, I'll take good care of her. Good luck with everything!

    • That's OK , Please visit us sometime and stay awesome~

    • Thank you for your generosity at the Giving Tree!
      Wherever you go, I wish you well.

    • Thank you for the sweets <3

    • aww sad to hear that you are quitting but I wish you the best in rl ^~^ may the odds be in your favour

    • thank you for your donations under the giving tree <3 ^~^

    • Thancks for plushes under Tree *_*

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