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User ID: #129498
Username: Empusa
Gender: Female
Last Online: 2 Nov 2021, 11:27 am
Registered: 29 Mar 2019, 5:05 pm

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~ Hellow there ~

I have social anxiety but id like to find some friends on here <3

I like : halloween, black, purple, cosplay, marvel, harry potter, world of warcraft, stars, constellations, galaxy, nightcore, got, anime, plushies, pokemon, zelda, animal crossing

got any questions ? don't be shy and ask! ^~^

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    • Yeah, I think in legion healing was really hard for resto druids (most healers actually? I think I heard that somewhere)--I'd taken a break from WoW near the end of Pandaria and didn't return until late Legion and found that resto druids were radically different, and without like... any main healing abilities and suddenly added cast times to things that were originally instant cast. Nourish and Healing touch were gone and really all we had left was Swiftmend and Regrowth, one with a nasty CD and the other which is just expensive. I had a hard time in Legion getting that artifact too.
      To be REALLY honest, I've only been doing resto druids in LFR, and they're easy there! As a solo healer though, I'm not sure how they do (as last time I went in, unprepared and assuming they didn't change much and was proven wildly wrong, and it was really rough). But then again, I think druids have always been pretty good raid healers, and weren't really built for tank healing?
      Speaking mostly as a casual player though, so I could be radically wrong :')

    • Ayy I've done a bit of those as well :> mostly cat though, but I'm getting more into resto as of late. Tanking just seems stressful, but then again I haven't touched it since last xpac as a blood dk.
      'Course I just got exalted with the zandalari on my horde, so trying out a boomkin because, you know, dinosaurs are awesome,

    • Btw cute pfp!! Do you main a druid :0

    • You are amazing thank you so much I hope you have the best week ever <333 ;; AAA really thank you so much!!

    • I love your profile picture!

    • Thank you for your purchase

    • Aww thank you ♡

    • Hahaha It's no problem~ They are actually looking for a new home instead of sitting in dust in my inventory ;-)

    • Ahhh thank you so much for the sweets! It's so generous of you!!!

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