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User ID: #133974
Username: Morphie
Gender: Non-Binary Masc
Last Online: 22 Feb 2020, 10:48 am
Registered: 23 May 2019, 10:45 pm

Profile description

Hoarding Vials of Orange!!!


It seems you stumbled upon my profile. I'm Morphie. I was created in a lab and used to have quite broken english, but I'm much better now. I am taken too, sorry! I tend to gift those who have gifted others since I believe those who give should receive.
I'm an artist too, so if you desire some art for a character, just hit me with a pm and I'll respond quick as I can! Or go into my art shop. I never have my online status hidden, so if it says I haven't been online in the last 30 minutes... I haven't been online. Feel free to friend me, after you get to know me!
I try to keep my calm during disagreements, and if I do something wrong please don't hold it against me. Holding grudges is dumb, to anyone, so I really really REALLY try not to, so please do the same. If I've offended you in some way, shape, or form please tell me! I'll try to make it up to you!

~Food for The Feast
~Super Rare Minipets!
~Fur Dollars
~Fur Cash

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    • How? ...Because people know me now as that one "Fox Potion Person" so I get gifted them often XD and I also completely empty the stalls of them sometimes.
      Why? ...Simply because I can and I want people to look at my amount and just go "Wow, this person is actually insane"

    • Ahh ty! <3
      I don't get many people reading the lore of my ocs :'0

    • YEP!!! Its coming out in August 2020!!!!!! Its going to be called Face the Music.

      IM PUMPED!!!!!

    • Akuma loves you too <3 <3 ^~^

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