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User ID: #16628
Username: Croc
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Dec 2016, 3:23 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:46 pm

Profile description

A tired sysadmin in her mid 20's who likes to click buttons and customize things to look like her OCs.

Some things I like include snails, bugs, food, cooking, SoCal, programming, indie game development, road trips, my girlfriend, science and tech, butch ladies, character design, goofy cartoon villains, drawin' furries, doing nice stuff for people, good vibes, and bad movies. Some fandoms I dabble in include Steven Universe, the Mother series, Pokemon, Fallout, The Walking Dead, and old Disney movies (particularly the furrier ones, cough cough).

Some things I dislike include troubleshooting the office printer, testing being done on the production server instead of the dev server, and people being rude for no reason.

I am not very active on the internet these days, so please forgive me if I don't respond to a comment or if I take a long time to do so. I promise it's nothing personal, I just kinda suck at communication.

My art blog is Chocodile! It's generally SFW but contains occasional shirtless characters, gore, etc. You have been warned.


The villagers below have (simple) profiles made up. More will be added as completed...

chocochibiSM_zpss8h3qa1z.png smallnuge_zpsjkmuceba.png potatochibiSM_zpsfki6yyp4.png chuckchibiSM_zpshfhsf2dh.png spiderchibiSM_zpsrzjet6nc.png eelchibiSM_zpsyte3xm81.png


Villagers 14

Comments 20

    • I love all of your villagers.

    • im, good sir, mam, helicopter? Your pictures are still broken- *oof*

    • Saw your paintie base of a snail, and WILL be using it!

    • Hey most of your image links here are broken, just wanted to let you know :o

    • Ahhh I just checked out the game Wishbone you're working on. It's amazing! 100 feathers up! :D

    • Your painties are so incredible I'm gonna cry ;; super inspirational.

    • I just wanna pop in and say your Painties and art style are SO CUTE! Especially your snail and spider bases. I could cry over how much I love them. Keep being magnificent!!

    • Hiya just wanted to let you know I am a HUGE fan of your characters and art! Nothing better than sugar characters

    • I just wanted to drop in and comment on how awesome and adorable your paintie bases are!

    • I love your painties!

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