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User ID: #44486
Username: Marzi
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Aug 2017, 12:57 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 11:59 am

Profile description

Hi there! I'm Marzi.
|Female•Lesbian•Neuroscience Grad Student•Maned Wolf Furry•Fursuiter•Professional Sh!tposter•Digital Artist|
Twitter | Tumblr | Paintie Shop | FA

Sometimes I make painties! Examples:
Mizutsune • Senzo • Halibaros • Renge • Sun • Lynne


Waiting on:
Lily - Meekor
West - RainbowSmoothie

Ay yo it me the meme queen. I draw and code CSS. I love making friends!!! Don't be afraid to say hi. I love rp too especially if it is deeply story driven.

tumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif pokemon tumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif Birdstumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif video gamestumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif Drawing tumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif Animestumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif figure collectingtumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif vocaloidtumblr_inline_niyn5nxuQr1ry72eo.gif
crying awkwardly when people are.nice to me.
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Villagers 22

Comments 100

    • Ahhhh, your CSS is so cute!! =^-^= And I love your villagers!

    • Ahh yes Nico is best girl <3
      It's so cool you have a collection of Nico merch, I've only got 1 figure so far~

    • Love your css work and villagers ♡

    • Just passing by! Hello friend!! :D Amazing painties <3

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Ah your avatar is so adorable! And also your villagers too! ^-^

    • Late reply, but thank you! ^^

    • Ahh your new profile appearance is really coool! <3

    • Ahh your new profile appearance is really coool! <3

    • O i've seen that around a bit. I'll have to look into it. Once I get Discord update lol

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