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User ID: #28984
Username: The_Sea_Guardian
Gender: Bigender
Last Online: 19 Sep 2019, 11:26 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:07 pm

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He/She/17 INTP/Single, fellow Lugia Fanatic
Just your average Lugia/ Chat Guardian here!
Mood: Unsure
Wow. It's been many years now, two years since I last did anything- probably more hah, things has changed a lot.. Is the furvilla chat completely removed? (I'm guessing replaced by Discord?)
Shoutout to Tigerlily for her Generous Donations!

Hello! For those who are wondering, The Sea Guardian is more of a Title, and can be referred to three different characters!
I am the younger sibling of Stardrops ! I'm am just the average nerd who is most likely to be seen playing a game! (Even if it's an Gamecube or Gameboy game..) As of 8/23-26(?) I have moved from Dragonsmaw to OceanDome.
Yeah, I have AD-HD, sorry if I may get distracted easily haha!
Check out my Gallery! I am trading or selling the plushies I have! You can ask questions about those plushies if you would like to~

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    • Oooh that Lugia profile pic is adorable! And I love the design on Cobalt! Keep it up! ^ㅅ^

    • Wha
      I didnt though, I dunno what youre talking about

    • Alright, I'll send you a link to the screen shots as soon as I get them into another document~ and thanks~ It's actually my pokesona :) Love your icon too~

    • Thank you for the Help!

    • thank uuuuu :3

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