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User ID: #17
Username: Krissim
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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    • No problem! They might as well go to good use n_n

    • Any interest in a male Honey Cozy Badger for 750 FD?

    • Sure! Tbh I just priced it at 750 because I had no idea what else to put it as~

    • Ahh, shjoot! that bongrow was supposed to be FD, not FC.
      I will refund you plus some extra FC if you send it back?

    • ah, i already have one, but i can do that trade?

    • Yeah sure I could do that :0 just lemme dig them outta my stall and I'll send a trade over

    • Yup yup friend, sure

    • Yes sure :) I'll send a trade over now ^_^

    • Sure thing

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