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User ID: #173500
Username: ChaiTheFox
Gender: Female
Last Online: 4 Aug 2020, 8:38 pm
Registered: 22 Feb 2020, 5:42 pm

Profile description

She/Her - Fox - Artist

Friends/Lit people:
AlmondSikarii (bEsT bUdS fOrEvEr)

If any of y'all have a straight ally button you're willing to sell, DM me!

Profile pic made by the wonderful Morphie ^^

*ALL* My characters are feral! They are just anthro because.. Furvilla avatars. no longer true

Adopt some babs!:

Commissions: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/112234-commisions-for-all-species-cheap

Base Recolor Commissions:

Hey Y'all! Quick note; If one of my characters bio says single.. and you think you have a good match that matches their sexuality, they want love. Message me. Have our characters date. MAKE SOME FURS HAPPY

Also if you wanna be friends message me I need socialization or I will die (Check chapter 2 of "Caring for your Chai", it goes over things that will cause death, including hunger, thirst, and literally everything on earth.)

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Comments 11

    • Really, Noivern is your favourite too? Huh. Cool.

    • OHHH, I'll be sure to join! <3

    • Hi! Saw your signature, I am also dead inside.

    • ^-^ Thank you so much for Nellie's paintie!!!

    • Lmao just how your characters need dates

    • :) np! I have a paintie ticket, but I’m in artist block currently so I’m just hanging on to it. Still need a fursona man

    • Hey, i just say you around. I hope you get some painties soon! You have some really pretty designs I’d love to see be a character soon.

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