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User ID: #184438
Username: StarfireNebula
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Jul 2020, 8:45 am
Registered: 6 Jun 2020, 1:23 pm

Profile description

A slender, silly hispanic girl comes to greet you.
"Hello! I'm Nebby! Take a look around! I'm sure my villagers will be excited to meet you."
Age: 15
"As you can see, I'm quite the nerd. Anything to do with the universe and cyber world has, does, and always will fascinate me."
"This year has seen me sign up on a ton of online games, find me if you can!"
Rescreatu: Starfire_Nebula
Eggcave: starfire_nebula
Ovipets: StarfireNebula
Sylestia: Starfirenebula
Forge of Empires: Starfire Nebula
Goatlings: Starfire_Nebula
Neopets: starfire_nebula
Mweor: Starfire Nebula
Aywas: StarfireNebula

Nebby looks back at you as you ask what items she's been looking for.
"Oh, thanks for asking! I'll try to keep it to a small list."
-Paintie ticket(s)
-A little bit of FD
Poe Plushie
All Aurora minipets, All Beta bugs, All Gemlins, All Nudeer, All Space Lobsters, Stardust Kitterpillar, Star guardian Mystic Kitsune, Star Sapphire Baublin, Space Sparkle Glishy, Space Googly Egg
Mythical, Galaxy, Steampunk
-Crapload of villagers (i removed the detailed list from here, it was an eyesore. Deciding where to put it.)
-Galactic Synth Headphones

Nebby adds, "Check out my villagers as well, i'm sure they're looking for stuff, too!"

After reciting her most wanted items, Nebby listens to you again as you ask if she's open to making masterpieces for you.
"At the moment, I'm not making art comms, just lore."
"I'm open to possibly opening an art shop in the future, but I just want to submit my first paintie to see how it comes out!"
(Thus the paintie tickets on my wishlist. ^)

Nebby announces she has nothing else to show you right now.
"Thanks for visiting!"

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