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Pixel headshot by me!

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    • No problem! I've only seen one other person into The Front Bottoms on here, come to think of it. :o I was glad to see someone else into them! :D They can be hard to get into, so I get why they're not too popular - I think the first song I heard of theirs was actually Father. The trumpets were not a good first impression LOL, but once I got past it I really liked it. :P

    • Heyyy so the paintie I made, turned out to be rejected, and I have no plans on making Maxwell a shifty, but so I can upload his art here. Sooo I was going to give away the tickets. Is that alright with you?

    • OMG THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE EXTRA TICKET!! that was so sweet of you you didn't have to do that ;u; I'm so happy you like your commissions and again thank you oh so much!! X)

    • Ayy another Flipnote user!! Hope you're able to get tons of customers for your animations, they look really cool!!

    • Hi Comet o: I remember you taking an interest in Jingle , are you still interested?

    • Yeah, there's definitely some older sound in there. The intro of, I think it was Parts Per Million? sounded suuuper similar to some of their older stuff and I got pretty excited for that. Far From Perfect had a similar message to Tragedy + Time, which I love. This one does have a nice mix of old sound and new, though! And I love alllll of it, I'm convinced by now that RA doesn't know how to make a bad song.
      Right right, sorry, I always order things online because we have nothing nearby and gas probably costs more than shipping for us. :P
      The lyric book that comes with the CD is pretty awesome, too, I love it.

    • lol it's literally playing right this second. :D I got my preorder in the mail a day early, I love it! The sound isn't as old school as I thought it was going to be, but just like the Black Market, I know it's going to grow on me a hell of a lot because I am always in love with their lyrics and Tim can do no wrong with his voice. Kingsroadmerch.com has bundles of the CD + shirts and stuff, but it doesn't have the bonus tracks.

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