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    • I didn't know there were going to be bonus tracks at first or I would have waited, I need alllll the songs! Apparently they needed lower case letters in the captcha, but it was for letters like S and P, so I couldn't tell. I can probably be patient for most bands, but not Rise Against. I got lucky with Bad Religion's last album and won a copy from a giveaway they did. They had some advent calendar to celebrate their Christmas songs album, and we got in early enough to win True North. Otherwise, though, I usually just listen to whatever on Spotify

    • i cancelled my preorder from king's road for the best buy preorder... I felt bad, because I'm sure King's Road Merch is a much smaller company, but I need bonus tracks! I need it more than a pin. But it also took hours to accept my captcha when I was trying to fill out their "contact me" form, so it took some sting out of it. :P Nearest Best Buy is like an hour or so away from me, as is pretty much any other store that sells anything beyond a handful of groceries hahah. Shipping is about $5, but in my experience, preordering something and having it shipped to you generally gets the item there a day before official release, or at least right on time, so I don't mind putting in a few extra dollars for that because I am super impatient when I get super excited about something! And since you already are getting digital downloads of it from itunes, there's not really some kind of urgent need to pay for shipping to get it sooner!

    • Best Buy has a deal on their site where if you preorder the CD (I'm assuming physical copy since they specify CD) from them, you get 2 bonus tracks! I recommend going for that instead, I think they said in-store pickup is available if you have one near you and would prefer to do that over mail. I'm a little salty over that, tbh, because the preorder with bonus tracks was only announced yesterday and I preordered the day after the album was released but. Blaah. hahah.
      And I see your profile says you're 17, 3.5 years is a long time at that age hahah. That's about how long I was obsessed with System of a Down at that age before falling in love with Rise Against.

    • I had an early preorder with king's road merch, so they emailed me The Violence, Wolves, and House on Fire, (I think those were only released early to people who preordered within the first week or so) and when they livestreamed a concert on Facebook, they also played Welcome to the Breakdown. The concert is up on youtube here with time stamps for each song. RA has been my favorite band for years, I love them so much <3

    • Yesss! :D How stoked are you for Wolves?! All the tracks we've heard so far sound AMAZING

    • Again thank you c:

      And if you do ever need anything then I would be love to help ♥

    • Thank you so much for the medication!

      If there is anything I could do for you or you wish in return let me know and I'l see what I can do~


    • You're welcome! Glad I could help. =)

    • ❤❤❤❤ you're a good bean ❤❤❤❤

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