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Username: MaiCometShard
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:10 am

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Comet ♦ 22 ♦ They/she







Pixel headshot by me!

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    • I am still interested in the Dirty Male, yes :D Pls send a trade if you can?

    • I wasn't allowed to use the forums until I was 13, and they closed before I reached that age ;-;

    • You can do whatever you want with the ref! I gad horribly covered all that shit up because I only cared to keep rhe design and tried to minimize the space... shouldnt have done that

    • i'm closing the thread since i got pretty much everything i needed. Here is the link to your characters! https://sta.sh/220pht75qyl9 please let me know when i can delete it!

    • May they bring you many Candies!

    • No problem! I've only seen one other person into The Front Bottoms on here, come to think of it. :o I was glad to see someone else into them! :D They can be hard to get into, so I get why they're not too popular - I think the first song I heard of theirs was actually Father. The trumpets were not a good first impression LOL, but once I got past it I really liked it. :P

    • okay thank you!!

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